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Get Rid of Ugly and Dangerous Stumps

Hire the stump removal pros in Bridgeport & Stratford, CT

Rely on Magnolia Tree Services LLC to remove stumps of all sizes from your property. From stumps that are just a few inches in diameter to those that are more than a foot wide, you can count on us to remove any stump in your yard. We use heavy machinery that's purpose-built to do the job.

Call Magnolia Tree Services LLC today at 203-224-9051 to request a free estimate for stump removal.

3 things our stump grinding service will do for you

If you or a previous owner has removed trees on your property but left the stumps behind, you need experienced professionals to take care of the stump grinding. Magnolia Tree Services can:

  1. Remove that old, rotten eyesore from your property.
  2. Grind your stump below ground level.
  3. Eliminate tripping hazards in your yard.

Don't let stumps rot and wither away on your property, posing a potential hazard to friends, family and healthy trees. Remove them completely by calling on the stump removal experts in Bridgeport & Stratford, CT. Call Magnolia Tree Services LLC at 203-224-9051 to make an appointment.